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New Nurses

at St. Boniface Hospital

Hello and Welcome to St. Boniface Nurses Worksite 5!

As a nurse employed by St. Boniface Hospital you are automatically a dues paying member of St Boniface Nurses Worksite 5 of the Manitoba Nurses Union. The Worksite 5 office is located across from the hospital at Suite 704 – 400 Taché Avenue.

Hospital Orientation

Due to Covid-19 in-person hospital orientation has been suspended. In the past, hospital orientation afforded us the opportunity to meet new nurses in person at which time we would provide you with our information package. As in-person meetings are not possible as this time, we are providing you with that information here.

Union Membership

As a new nurse at SBH, it is important that you fill out a Manitoba Nurses Union (MNU) membership form. This allows Worksite 5 and MNU provincial to add you to their membership. Submitting a membership form will also ensure you are getting the most up-to-date information on Covid-19 as well as other issues, from Worksite 5 and the provincial MNU.

MNU membership application forms are available online via the MNU website Click on Member Resources. Scroll down to the new membership application. Fill out the form (your facility is St. Boniface Hospital) and submit.

After you’ve submitted a new membership application, email and request your MNU ID number. MNU will send you your MNU ID number along with instructions on how to access the MNU Portal to create your profile inclusive of a password.

Worksite 5 Executive

The Worksite 5 executive is comprised of the key executive (executive officers), unit reps, and committee chairpersons. The executive is responsible for addressing the needs and activities of the Worksite in between meetings of the Worksite.

Click here to view the Worksite 5 Executive for 2020-2021.

Financial Assistance Available to Worksite 5 members for Continuing Education

Financial assistance is available to Worksite 5 members for continuing education conferences and/or courses.

Click here to view funding available.

Mandatory Overtime and Reassignment

For information regarding Mandatory Overtime click here. For information regarding Reassignment click here. Notification to Union of Mandatory Overtime/Reassignment (form) This dual-use form is used by nurses to notify the Worksite 5 office when they have been mandated or reassigned. Click here for the notification form. Please print off a few copies so you have them on hand should you ever be mandated or reassigned. Our office gathers statistics from the Mandatory Overtime and Reassignment notifications received. Those statistics are shared with the employer at Nursing Advisory Committee meetings and are provided to MNU provincial (so they are aware of what is happening at SBH).