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When Mandatory Overtime is Worked

specific to St. Boniface Worksite 5

Information provided herein is specific to St. Boniface Nurses Worksite 5. Please contact the Worksite 5 office with any questions or concerns, or when an issue first arises.

Do ask questions and forward that information to the Worksite 5 office.

In all instances where mandatory overtime is worked, an online Workload Staffing Report (WSR) should be filled out.

Be sure to fill out a Notification to Union of Mandatory Overtime form.  You can download the form, print, fill it out,  and fax to the Worksite 5 office (204.237.3927) or download it and complete it online using Acrobat Reader and submit it via email directly to Worksite 5.

Please be sure to retain a copy for your records. If our opinion is that the employer did not exhaust all avenues, we can grieve that mandatory overtime was inappropriate.

Notification to Union of Mandatory Overtime Form – download PDF.