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Monetary Contractual Options

specific to St. Boniface Worksite 5

Information provided herein is specific to St. Boniface Nurses Worksite 5. Please contact the Worksite 5 office with any questions or concerns, or when an issue first arises.

Do know your monetary/contractual options in the event of work time loss

While you are waiting for your claim to be processed by WCB, request in writing to your PTM, sick time (income protection) payment.  Please be aware that if you have documented the injury/illness/exposure as a WCB claim, you will not be paid sick time if you do not request it.

If you do not have sick time for prepayment of your benefits, ensure you prepay both yours and the employer’s portion of your benefits so that there is no lapse in coverage while you are not being paid by the employer.

If you do not have sick time available to use, you can apply for Employment Insurance (EI) while you are waiting for your claim to be processed by WCB.

If your claim is accepted by WCB, review collective agreement article 2303 b) i) and request a top-up of your WCB payment.  Not only does this maximize your financial options, it also means that the employer must pay the employer portion of your benefits.  Otherwise, you will need to pay the benefits yourself for the period of work time loss.

WCB legislation and policies do not allow the employer to pay you salary for a period of work time loss due to workplace injury/illness/exposure.  This rule is to protect you, the worker.  What may appear be an isolated occurrence at the time, may require future periods of work time loss and/or medical treatment.  Therefore, WCB needs to be aware of and have documented your claim at the initial onset.  If your manager offers you salary payment in these circumstances, you should refuse.  Refer your manager to the Worksite 5 office, and file a claim with WCB.