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What can you do

as a union member?

As a nurse you can contribute to making your union work for you through:

Participating in your union

A union works best when its members are involved.  Your rights under the collective agreement can only protect you if you are aware of them and use them.

Whenever possible attend union meetings – this will allow you to be informed.

Volunteer as a unit representative and sit on the Worksite 5 executive – act as a communication link between your union and the nurses on your unit.

Let your name stand for election to a committee position.

Supporting your union and your co-workers

Support your co-workers when an issue arises that affects them. Remember, if something impacts on one nurse there is potential for it to impact on other nurses as well.

Support those elected to the Worksite 5 executive. Let them know of your concerns. We cannot help you if we are not aware of an issue.

Support your Worksite 5 bargaining representative (Worksite 5 president) during times of negotiations.

Educating yourself in what your union can do for you

Stay informed on how your union works and what is being done/can be done by Worksite 5 on your behalf.

Be aware of issues and concerns in your workplace and make the Worksite 5 office aware of them.

Being informed includes talking to other nurses about what’s happening on your unit.
Worksite 5 and MNU provincial.

Contact the Worksite 5 office for assistance and information. We understand YOUR workplace!