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Who can impose mandatory overtime?

specific to St. Boniface Worksite 5

Information provided herein is specific to St. Boniface Nurses Worksite 5. Please contact the Worksite 5 office with any questions or concerns, or when an issue first arises.

Do remember that imposing mandatory overtime is a management responsibility.

You can only be required to stay for mandatory overtime by the employer (manager). Managers are PTMs, Program Directors, Supervisors and the designated Administrator on Call for the hospital. 

A CRN or charge nurse cannot be required nor should they agree to assume the duties of an out-of-scope (not within the union) manager.  The employer can direct a CRN or charge nurse to ask for volunteers for overtime, to prepare a list of nurses working that day, and/or to identify those nurses who previously had mandatory overtime, but they cannot direct a CRN or charge nurse (nor should a CRN or charge nurse agree) to force a co-worker to do mandatory overtime.  A CRN or charge nurse who does this may find themself in a situation where the union files a grievance saying that mandatory overtime should not have been imposed.  In that case we would then in fact be saying that the CRN/charge nurse did something incorrect.

A nurse being denied the right to leave the facility should only take that direction from a manager.